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Who we are

We are a Brazilian audio production company that creates sound for everything. From huge monsters to a talking cup of tea. From powerful orchestrated themes to 8 Bit compositions. From car engines to bombastic spaceship sound effects. Original music, sound design, audio implementation and voice creation/dubbing into Brazilian Portuguese, Latin American Spanish and American English is our core. If the challenge is sound, Radioativa is the way to go.


More than 30 years in the audio production business and since 2010 in the game audio industry doing a wide scope of projects, from indie to AAA.


Skilled and creative team with extensive experience in managing, producing, creating, directing, recording and post producing a wide range os audio projects.


Modern sound technology, state of the art equipment, flexible infrastructure, customized and proprietary management tools, all to deliver excellence.


We offer schedules, budgets, people and infrastructure lined up seamlessly to fit the challenges of the industry.

What we do

We are your customized one-stop solution for sound production, soundtracks, sound design, localization, audio implementation and dolby atmos productions. Our services cover a variety of sound production solutions for all platforms:


Music creation and production for TV, films, and of course video games – spanning across all genre and platforms. The combination of old and new technologies to create an unique audio result for any project style.


Pre and post production, database casting, live casting, recording, dubbing, voice creation, voice direction, audio/video synchronization, audio description, script adaptation.

How we do it

In our minds top technology, the best microphones, interfaces, plug-ins, recording booths, etc. are all commodity stuff that any serious audio company should have in order to achieve professional results.

Therefore, the big diferencial lies on people -on their capacity and creativity. Our team of highly qualified project managers, directors, sound engineers, editors, musicians and sound designers are our real core value.

Over time, we have built a reputation for flexibility, creativity, technical knowledge and – quite simply – good taste.


You can listen a bit of our work, covering all the steps and aspects of game audio production here.

Music & Sound Design


Original Music Playlist


The highest quality is achieved through the best sound tools.
And these are the tools we use in our productions.

Radioativa Group

We are a part of the Radioativa Group – together with Radioativa Produtora and America Podcast. This hub of audio solutions is specialized in different segments and offers a complete range of complementary services, making the Radioativa Group a stand out choice when it comes to audio production.

Radioativa Produtora

Radioativa Produtora is an audio production company with 30 years in the audio production business. Created to offer solutions for the advertising market, the company has grown to add more products and services to its portfolio, leaning its business towards new media, technologies and processes.

America Podcast

Born as a podcast production company, America works on a variety of topics with podcasters located in different geographic areas and widely recognized in their fields of expertise. We also develop customized podcasts for brand marketing, adapting content to the desired purpose or product, and produced to offer audiences with a piece of communication crafted by real authorities on the relevant subject matters.

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